Moultaqa Leymoun – Arab Dance Platform | 5th edition

Main applicant: Maqamat Beit El Raqs
Partners: Sareyyet Ramallah – First Ramallah Group
Implementation: Lebanon – Palestine
Project duration: January – June 2016. The meeting will take place from 14th to 17th of April 2016
Project code: 01-01100


Moultaqa Leymoun is a platform for emerging and established Arab dance artists. Its main purpose is to create a pan-Arab Contemporary Dance collaborative network to enable local and international cooperation and dissemination. The platform will include full-length performances by established Arab artists and a series of studio presentations introducing young emerging talents, their work and future projects. This project will be implemented in Beirut and the Chouf Mountains by presenting 20 choreographers from Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Palestine and Iran.

The project lead by the Beirut based Association Maqamat Beit El Raqs, a laboratory and a dance space aiming to create the conditions for a continuous development and progress of contemporary dance in the region; in partnership with Saryyet Ramallah- First Ramallah Group, one of the first dance school in Palestine that seeks to disseminate the culture of dance in the region.


Maqamat Beit El Raqs:

Saryyet Ramallah- First Ramallah Group: