SouthMed CV 2nd call for Project proposals: the evaluation period


During the second call for projects, that was launched on the 9th of September and was closed of the 26th of October after an extension of 2 days, SouthMed CV received 160 applications, 41 from Tunisia, 34 from Morocco, 24 from Jordan, 21 from Palestine, 14 from Egypt, 14 from Lebanon and 12 from Algeria. A diverse set of themes are covered, ranging from dance, theatre, film, contemporary art to cultural heritage, cultural diversity, education and environment. Many project proposals aim at network building, cultural mapping and cultural exchange within the region, and some are about capacity building and supporting cultural operators and artists. The evaluation process is taking place and the results are expected to be announced in December after a partner´s meeting which will take place in Amman, Jordan and will be attended by the members of the consortium and the project steering committee. The results will be announced through the SouthMed CV webpage.

SouthMed CV is co-funded by the EU within the framework of the regional programme Med Culture.