SouthMed CV – Presentation

SouthMed CV – Storytelling

01-01019 Promote the Abilities of Young Writers with Disabilities – Effective Writers

Social Developmental Forum – SDF. Partners: General Union for Palestinian Writers / Fanni Raghman Anni

01-01034 THE GREENHOUSE, a platform for artistic experimentation in Casablanca’s public space

Atelier de L’Observatoire. Partners: Casamemoire / Casapatrimoine / EUNIC Casablanca

01-01103 Une danse pour demain

Association Les rencontres de la danse / Espace Darja. Partners: Association Jazz Ame – Cie Nacera Belaza / Association Initiative Urbaine

01-01110 Participatory research and artistic divulgation of Intangible Cultural Heritage associated to Chefchaouen Mediterranean Diet

Association Talassemtane pour l’Environnement et le Développement – ATED. Partners: Urban Municipality of Chefchaouen / Diversity & Development (D&D)

01-01127 Sail

Mass’Art Association for Alternative Culture. Partner: Social Protection Center for Youth in Tunis

01-01133 Youth for Environment

Young Palestinian Filmmakers. Partners: Khalil Sakakini Cultural Centre / Cinema Jenin

01-01135 Interactive Theatre as a Tool for Social Change

Freedom Theatre. Partner: Ashtar for Theatre Productions and Trainings

01-01136 Think Tanger

Arty Farty Tanger. Partners: Techno Park Tanger / Racines

02-01044 Arts & Crafts Playground

Crossroad for Media Art Services. Partners: Meela/ Knowledge Steps

02-01047 Culture and Theatre against Discrimination

Egyptian Feminist Union. Partners: University of Cairo / Ministry of Youth of Egypt

02-01053 Our City Our Way

Safadi Cultural Foundation. Partners: Beirut Arab University/ Municipality of El Mina

02-01094 Concours des Jeunes Talents Tanjil

Tabadoul. Partners: Lorin Foundation/Visa for Music

02-01067 Youth for Change

Fragments Theatre. Partners: Lama Brother’s Theatre Palestine / Théâtre de l’Opprimé Casablanca

02-01105 Proposal for a Metropole

Dabateatr. Partners: Think Tanger – MHR programming

02-01143 Youth Engagement Index

NAHNOO. Partners: Architects for Change / LOYAC / URBEGO

02-01155 Small Screens

Association Tunisienne d´Action Culturelle – ATAC. Partners: Cinéma Itinérant Roadmovie – CIR / Ministry of Cultural Affairs of Tunisia / Ministry of Education of Tunisia

02-02128 PerForm: Performing Arts Consultancy Office

Reflection for Arts, Training and Development. Partners: Torraha Art and Society / Raseef Project

02-03042 ANHAR – The Arab Network for Human Rights Film Festivals

Ma3mal 612 Think Factory. Partners: Ma3mal 961 / SEMAT / ACTIF

02-03073 Inkylab

Maison de l’Image / Shutter Party. Partners: L’Uzine / Brokk’Art