Small screens

Main applicant: Association Tunisienne d´Action Culturelle – ATAC (Tunisia)
Partners: Cinéma Itinérant Roadmovie (Tunisia) – CIR / Regional Delegation of Education of Sidi Bouzid
Implementation: Tunisia
Project duration: February 2017 – January 2018
Project code: 02-01155


The lack of cultural spaces and cinema halls is a problem in Regueb Sidi Bouzid governorate, as well as in many other governorates of Tunisia. Small Screens aimed to facilitate access to cinema for children and youth from small towns that do not have the opportunity to discover cinema and learn about it.

The project aimed at spreading awareness amongst youth about their rights to access culture, and give children the opportunity to appreciate artistic works and cultural activities based on social and human rights themes (social life, family life, citizenship, peace, right to education, right to culture…)

The project reached 8 schools in the Regueb delegation, where movie screening followed by debates took place, teachers received training in culture and cinema, 8 school cinema clubs were created, and 8 short movies were produced (one in each school) with the active participation of the students and teachers.

Small Screens is implemented by Association Tunisienne d´Action Culturelle – ATAC, operating mainly in the delegation of Regueb in Sidi Bouzid in the cultural and social fields as well as in development and human rights. ATAC has partnered with Cinéma Itinérant Roadmovie – CIR, a non-profit organization promoting cinematographic culture in Tunisia, making cinema accessible in marginalized communities, and with the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and the Ministry of Education of Tunisia.




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