In the context of SouthMed CV different publications, strategic documents and reports have been produced highlighting the results and key issues related to the implementation of the whole action as well as focusing on specific aspects addressed by the sub-granted projects.


The book accounts for the cultural dynamics and projects that SouthMed CV has supported in the Southern Mediterranean region from 2015 to 2018. In addition to the six main sections where the various sub-granted projects are presented, the book includes interviews, articles, cartographies, quotes, photos, and a graphic chart with indicators. The publication also includes a comic booklet, a communication tool widely-used in the region: ‘Azem & Ajaj’ portrays, in Arabic with English subtitles, three different approaches to the term culture and its contexts in the region.

MAHATTAT has been produced by Interarts, with the collaboration of Maison de l’Image and the SouthMed CV consortium. Cultural experts and artists from Tunisia, Lebanon and Palestine have contributed to its content, together with representatives of sub-granted projects from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia.


Download the graphic chart

Download the comic booklet ‘Azem & Ajaj’


  • Strategic documents

A series of documents have been developed by the sub-granted projects showcasing the outcomes of their actions.

Project ‘Participatory research and artistic divulgation of Intangible Cultural Heritage associated to Chefchaouen Mediterranean Diet’

Publication El Patrimonio vivo de la región de Chauen. Inventario sobre el Patrimonio Inmaterial vinculado a la Dieta Mediterránea de Chefchauen

Project ‘MARSAD – Mediterranean Action and Research for Sustainability and Development’

Publication Why Culture is the Solution?

 Project ‘Arab Comics as Educational tools’

Comic magazine

Project ‘PerForm: Performing Arts Consultancy Office’

PerForm booklet


Publication Youth Engagement in Beirut. Dreams to action

Project ‘Our City Our Way’

Booklet Our City Our Way. A young vision of El-Mina city