Mobility Scheme

General Aims

  • Examination of key issues raised by the sub-granted projects,
  • Dissemination of the activities in the region,
  • Implementation of the Networking Strategy designed by the German Commission for UNESCO,
  • Presentation, assessment and feed-back of the sub-granted projects,
  • Strengthening the linkages between culture and other fields in the perspective of sustainable and human development,
  • Promotion of cross-border peer-learning opportunities,
  • Development of local and national cultural strategies.

SouthMed CV Platform

SouthMed CV has implemented an Intranet Platform managed by Interarts – the consortium leader and general coordinator of the Action.

This Platform is designed to facilitate access, exchange and cooperation amongst all the sub-grantees, and between the consortium partners and the sub-grantees.

Each consortium partner and sub-grantee will be provided with a username and a password to access and use the Platform.

The Platform provides to all registered users, grantees and sub-grantees alike, with different applications and possibilities:

  • Members directory
  • Folder for each sub-granted project to upload and comment text documents, photos, graphics, etc.
  • Activity streaming (a general wall indicating the activities on the Platform defining date, time, name of users, etc.)
  • Agenda and calendar
  • Chat
  • Forum space
  • Wiki space

SouthMed CV Encounters

Each encounter will take place in a different location, and will focus on capacity building and networking activities amongst sub-grantees, with the active participation of the consortium partners and invited specialists.

The first encounter, hosted and organised by BAC Art Centre with the support of Interarts, is expected to take place in Tunisia, between the 4 and 8 of April 2016, hosting at least one representative of each of the 12 sub-granted projects from Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, and representatives from SouthMed CV consortium partners.

The second encounter, hosted and organised by Khayal Arts & Education with the support of Interarts and the collaboration of Maqamat, is expected to take place in Beirut, between the 18 and 21 of April 2016, hosting at least one representative of each of the 7 sub-granted projects from Lebanon and Palestine, and representatives from SouthMed CV consortium partners.

Expected Results

  • Different cross-border activities contributing to the professional development and of the sub-granted project organisations and the regional networking.
  • Design and implementation of other activities in synergy with relevant developments in the Southern Mediterranean region, contributing to the main Action’s and sub-granted projects’ visibility, impact and sustainability.

Provision of coaching and assessment to the sub-grantees throughout the implementation of the sub-granted projects.

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