Arts & Crafts playground

Main applicant: Crossroad for Media and arts (Jordan)
Partners: Meela/ Knowledge Step (Jordan)
Implementation: Jordan
Project duration: February – November 2017
Project code: 02-01044

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Arts & Crafts Playground is an innovative concept that combines waste management with art making, while providing public creative space, materials/tools, guidance and visibility for both emerging and established artists alike to work on projects that otherwise would go unrealized, and to help them become self-sufficient. Arts & Crafts Playground has served as a platform and a meeting point in Jordan for artists for creative experimentation, collaboration and the sharing of ideas. It aimed to inspire and involve people in community arts while investing in, and nurturing creativity that is environmentally friendly and to empower and support individuals/activists and independent initiatives in the areas of art and culture.

The project is coordinated by Crossroad for Media Art Services, which is a non-profit organization geared towards uplifting the media standards while supporting the development of local talents, including media professionals, musicians, visual/digital artists, performers and others. In partnership with Meela, an organisation that offers training programs with trained personnel in the field of child-care, aimed at integrating children & adults with disabilities with the community; and Knowledge Step, an organization which works on inclusion of people with disabilities into society and their access to culture and arts.


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