Proposal for a Metropole

Main applicant: Dabateatr (Morocco)
Partners: Think Tanger (coordination) – MHR programming (Morocco)
Implementation: Morocco
Project duration: February 2017 – January 2018
Project code: 02-01105

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Tangiers is witnessing a massive urban change, experiencing both significant economic growth and unprecedented evolution of the artistic and cultural scene led by local initiatives coming from artists and cultural programmers. Proposal for a Metropole aimed to work alongside with this local momentum, to build up a creative answer to respond to the major socio-cultural and urban challenges faced by the city due to its mutation, taking into consideration the role of art and culture in its development and urbanization processes.

In order to (re)integrate art and culture in the process of urbanization and development of a city, throughout a one year laboratory based on research and production residencies, the project has brought together artists with city institutions to respond to the major social, cultural and urban challenges faced by Tangiers. The institutions with which the artists worked with are: schools, urban agencies and the local media. Each residency has hosted working sessions with professionals from the different sectors, public open studios/conferences, and master classes. The projects resulting from the residencies were presented to the city council and the city districts as examples for creative approaches to the urban development issues and problems that Tangiers is facing today.

Dabateatr is a multidisciplinary art company initiated by a group of artists from different geographical regions and various artistic disciplines, to promote knowledge and education about “The Citizen Cultural, Artistic and Freedom Action”. Building bridges between people, disciplines and cultures. Works with emerging artists and projects by offering them a regular capacity building program, in project management.

Proposal for a Metropole is a project coordinated by Think Tanger, which started in 2016 as a project and is now a platform implementing each year different cultural projects based on artistic work and Tangiers’ urban development.





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