Interactive theatre as a tool for social change

Main applicant: The Freedom Theatre
Partners: Ashtar for Theatre Productions and Trainings
Implementation: Palestine
Project duration: February – July 2016
Project code: 01-01135

interactive theatre for social change

This project uses community theatre as a tool for social mobilisation and empowerment. Through capacity building, the project aims to enable its participants to apply interactive theatre techniques to induce social change. Community theatre methods will bring fragmented populations together in a process of reflection, dialogue and mutual sharing of stories that illuminate narratives of trauma, creativity and resilience, building long-lasting partnerships.  It will include refugees, Bedouins, students, community leaders, activists and social workers, in the Palestinian West Bank, and Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan.

The Freedom Theatre, based in the refugee camp of Jenin, and working on artistic and educational activities for children, youth and women, leads the project in cooperation with Ashtar Theatre, a theatre house based in Ramallah, spreading the culture of theatre in Palestine through training programmes and theatre performances.


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