Cinema clubs 2.0

Main applicant: Tunisian Federation of Film Societies
Partners: Culture Resource
Implementation: Tunisia
Project duration: February – August 2016
Project code: 01-02113

cinema clubs

This project aims to enhance the capacity of cultural operators in the cinematographic field. In that purpose, twenty cultural workers from different regions in Tunisia will meet during the second edition of the training programme Cinema Clubs 2.0. The project will focus on supporting and strengthening the skills of Tunisian cultural operators and building professional networks. In total there will be organised three training seminars, two master classes and several visits to film clubs in the regions of Kairouan, Djerba, Medenine, Monastir, Kef, Gabès and Hammamet.

The Project is led by the Tunisian Federation of Film Societies, a non-governmental organisation empowered to spread culture through films; in partnership with Culture Resource (Al Mawred Al Thaqafy), a cultural organisation based in Egypt that supports Arab artists and the growth of the independent cultural sector.


Tunisian Federation of Film Societies:

Culture Resource: