Main applicant: Kairouan Community
Partners: Cultural Centre of Kairouan /National School of Architecture and Urbanism / Casablanca School of Architecture and Landscape
Implementation: Tunisia
Project duration: February – October 2017
Project code: 02-01068

02-01068 (5)

MED DEMOS/PACE LAB responds to the needs of civil society, cultural and social institutions/NGOs as well as marginalized communities in Kairouan, Tunisia, to ensure equal access to public space. The project aims to foster social inclusion and boost public participation by creating sustainable links between artistic and social focused actors on local level and engaging young architects in practical artistic mission with social objectives. The project includes a charette which will engage architects, community groups and key operators, with the aim to produce an urban plan for the public space in Kairouan, a Live Lab Design and a Do Workshop: workshop will be implemented as a pool of education for young architects, and as a pretext to promote the inclusiveness of the public space. A cultural management workshop, a conference and the creation of an art work in a public space, will be implemented as well.

Kairouan Community was established in 2014 as a grass-root coalition/community type CSO/NGO. The main goals of the organisation are sustainable environmental, social and economic development in Tunisia, an the activation of disadvantageous and marginalized areas and vulnerable groups and communities. This project is a partnership between Kairouan community, Ecole National d´Architecture et d´Urbanisme in Tunis and Ecole d´Architecture de Casablanca.


Kairouan Community


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