Children’s Voices Heard through Art

Main applicant: Defense for Children International – Palestine Section
Partners: Yafa Cultural Center / Al Harah Theater
Implementation: Palestine
Project duration: March – September 2016
Project code: 01-02061

Childrens Voices_SAM_9659

This project promotes the child rights through art. The right to education will be addressed through four artistic initiatives: theatre performance, music production, art exhibition and dance performance. Each initiative will focus one issue that schoolchildren are facing such as school violence, the inclusion of student with disabilities and the accessibility of schools. The target groups are Palestinian boys and girls between the age of 14 and 16, their families and the community.

The project is led by the Defence for Children International – Palestine Section, the only Palestinian child rights organisation solely dedicated to protecting the rights of children in Palestine; Yafa Cultural Center, an NGO dedicated to improving cultural and intellectual life of local people; and Al Harah Theater, theatre house dedicated to create socially engaged theatre plays.


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