Sustainable Local Planning – Locality of Thibar

Main applicant: The Tunisian Association of Landscape Architects and Engineers : TALAE (Tunisia)
Partners: Municipality of Thibar / Association of civil society of Thibar (Tunisia)
Implementation: Tunisia
Project duration: February 2017 – April 2018
Project code: 02-01132

02-01132 (4)

Sustainable Local Planning – Locality of Thibar, was a project aiming mainly at reconciling Thibar’s territory with sustainable development by enhancing community’s life conditions, promoting economic growth, and preserving its natural resources as well as cultural heritage. By adopting a participatory approach, the project helped for civil society as well as public stakeholders, to enhance and adopt good practices, in matter of decentralization and good governance. The project has highlighted the competences of landscape architects and engineers enlarging their horizons and those of decision makers.

The social survey to assess the vision and the needs of the community, the different workshops to open a dialogue between different stakeholders, and the elaboration of the sustainable urban plan were the most important activities of the project.

TALAE is a professional association aiming to promote landscape architecture in Tunisia through 4 working areas:

  • Landscape architecture and collective memory
  • Landscape architecture and environment
  • Landscape architecture and development

Landscape architecture and society


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Photo Credit: Fatma Triki