THE GREENHOUSE, a platform for artistic experimentation in Casablanca’s public space

Main applicant: L’Observatoire
Partners: Casamemoire / Casapatrimoine / EUNIC Casablanca
Implementation: Morocco
Project duration: February – September 2016
Project code: 01-01034


This Project will interweave explorations of contemporary creation, modern Casablanca heritage, public space and environment through a diverse but focused range of art and cultural activities aiming to support the potential of art in reviving historic sites and neglected city spaces. Activities will range from training, workshops and networking to an ephemeral art centre in the public space- the greenhouse, and site-specific interventions and lectures by artists and scientists. The project targets the general public, specifically the popular neighbourhood of Hay Mohamedi with the support of non-profit organisations already operating in the area.

The Project is organised by L’Observatoire, a non-profit organisation working at the crossroads of heritage, contemporary art and environmental issues; in partnership with Casamemoire, association aiming to safeguard the architectural heritage of twentieth century in Morocco; and Casapatrimoine dedicated to preservation of Casablanca´s cultural heritage; and in cooperation with EUNIC Casablanca, a network of National Institutes for Culture. All organisations are based in Casablanca.





EUNIC Casablanca: 

Photo by Atelier de l’Observatoire.