Masar 1

Main applicant: Association algérienne des amis de la casbah “Sauvons la casbah” (Algeria)
Partners: Caritas Algiers (Algeria) / Polygraff (France)
Implementation: Algeria
Project duration: March – November 2017
Project code: 02-01106


Masar 1 was an itinerant Land Art and photography project taking place all along the Trans-Saharan road 1 of Algeria.

A series of workshops have engaged Algerians youngsters living in the main cities along the road and active in local associations. This very old road was used by the caravans for 2000 years to exchange food, textiles and all kind of merchandise. It is a link between the Northern Africa and the Sub-Saharan region and its people.

The Land Art actions aimed at creating a dialogue between the natural materials found along this road (mineral, organic and recovered materials) and the stories told by teenagers about the road, whether historical or mythical ones. The photography action aims to be a medium to express these stories using the narrative power of images.

The workshops taken place throughout the 1900 Km long axis aimed to connect different social, geographical and historical realities of Algeria. Associations and youth have linked to several partners and stakeholders from the different regions. The project’s final results were an exhibition all along the road of 75 printed photographs 2m X 2m size.

The project was implemented in 6 main cities along this road: Algiers, Laghouat, Ghardaïa, El Meniaa, In Salah and Tamanrasset.

Masar 1 is led by Association algérienne des amis de la casbah “Sauvons la casbah”, an association with cultural and social vocation, based in Algiers, campaigning for the preservation of cultural heritage in danger. In partnership with Caritas Algiers and in collaboration with Polygraff, based in France.

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