A final publication highlighting the results and the key issues related to the implementation of the whole action in the Southern Mediterranean region will be made available online. Amongst other issues will present a selection of documents written by the sub-grantees, the networking strategies, the synergies between the cultural sector and other sectors, etc. The […]

The main aim is to strengthen regional exchanges during the implementation of the sub-granted projects by identifying potential synergies with other relevant initiatives. Encounters and other activities have been arranged by SouthMed CV, in collaboration with stakeholders in the Southern Mediterranean region, to enable the sub-granted organisations to meet throughout 2016 and 2017. The activities […]

In this section any information on the conferences that take place during the implementation of the project will be regularly updated. On the other hand, two final events will be organised in 2018, one in Europe and one in the Euro-Mediterranean region, preferably in a Southern Mediterranean country. The agenda will combine the presentation of […]

Networking Strategy SouthMed CV Expected results in relation to the networking strategy: Enhance technical skills for cultural actors Foster local, regional, national and international networking What for? Bring culture from the margins to the center of the public sphere Explore its potential connection with economic, social and political development How? Local, national and regional exchanges […]

Mobility Scheme General Aims To examine the issues raised during the implementation of the sub-granted projects, To disseminate the activities of the sub-granted projects in the Southern Mediterranean region, To implement the Networking Strategy designed by the German Commission for UNESCO, To present, assess and give feed-back of the sub-granted projects, To strengthen linkages between […]