SouthMed CV – Presentation SouthMed CV – Storytelling 01-01019 Promote the Abilities of Young Writers with Disabilities – Effective Writers Social Developmental Forum – SDF. Partners: General Union for Palestinian Writers / Fanni Raghman Anni 01-01034 THE GREENHOUSE, a platform for artistic experimentation in Casablanca’s public space Atelier de L’Observatoire. Partners: Casamemoire / Casapatrimoine / […]

SouthMed CV takes an open-ended approach, which places emphasis on culture and local development. Therefore it is expected that the selected projects include artistic co-productions with a citizen participation component, partnerships between cultural associations and schools, capacity-building seminars for local cultural entrepreneurs, art exhibitions focusing on social and environmental issues, or institution-building activities for associations […]

Enhance technical skills for cultural actors; foster national and international networking for not-for-profit organisations, cultural operators and projects; and strengthen representative cultural organisations at institutional level. Promote the economic potential of the cultural sector through initiatives and mechanisms supporting cultural entrepreneurs and local strategies, taking into account the creative economy as a policy priority. Strengthening […]

Two calls for project proposals, to be launched in August 2015 and in August 2016, aimed at not-for-profit organisations and local authorities for cultural and artistic projects that contribute in strengthening the place that culture occupies in local, regional or national development strategies, through cooperation with other agents in the public sphere. Beneficiaries awarded a […]

SouthMed CV intends to foster the role of culture in social cohesion. It will do so by funding cultural and artistic innovative projects related to human rights, gender, diversity, social inclusion or environmental issues, preferably with a potential and multiplier long-lasting effect. It will also contribute to the development of capacities and skills of cultural […]

SouthMed CV aims to bring culture from the margins to the center of the public sphere in the Southern Mediterranean, exploring its potential connections with economic, social and political development strategies. This project has emerged from the observation and analysis of the diversity of cultural contexts and practices, linked to multiple imaginaries in the Southern […]